Our Mission

Valuecube develops state of the art software applications in the field of finance and credit, in compliance with the most recent methodological and technological standards.

We provide consulting and advisory services in the field of risk management, banking regulation, corporate finance and portfolio management.


Our specialized expertise developed through the years allows us to instantly understand the needs of our partners and define innovative solutions which are then set in place through advanced applications. These applications may be available “on the shelf” for some of the broader use environments, or developed “on demand” in a very short time following a specific client’s need.

All “on-the-shelf” solutions are always completely customizable to satisfy the specific client need. For “on-demand” solutions, the client is guided through all development phases: planning, development, support, training and updates.

Valuecube’s team is made of professionals with solid backgrounds, integrating advanced knowledge in the field of Economics, Finance, Banking, Prudential Regulations and Information Technology. Our team has been active for over 20 years in the creation of advanced technological solutions in the field of finance, and has been a pioneer in the development of forecasting analysis systems and stochastic simulation techniques applied to corporate finance analysis and risk assessment processes in the banking sector.

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