Consulting and Advisory Services

An ever-evolving Expertise.

The expertise Valuecube developed through the years in the implementation of technological solutions for the management of financial analysis, risk assessment and regulatory compliance processes allows it to support its partners through directional and operative qualified consulting services, as well as assisting consulting & advisory companies with technical consulting services.


Software Solutions Planning and Development

Together with software solutions planning and development, Valuecube offers technical-functional analisys such as:


  • ERM Integrated business planning and risk management systems (Profit and Loss Account, Balance Sheet, Capital & Liquidity Ratios, RAPM indicators)
  • Capital Requirements and banking regulatory indexes calculation procedures (capital ratios, liquidity metrics, RWAs, etc.)
  • Forecast & Satellite Models
  • Stress Testing Models
  • Value Creation / Capital Saving Allocation systems
  • RAPM, VBM & ESG new metrics development
  • Advanced Reporting Systems
  • Business Requirements Development for IT interventions



Valuecube operatively supports the customer in all processes of business planning, risk assessment and reporting, such as:


  • Prudential Regulations and Regulatory Reporting
  • RWA & Regulatory Capital Optimization
  • ESG – Environmental Social & Governance (ESG climate risk modeling climate risk, climate scenario analysis & stress testing, KPI, data gathering & quality assessment, proxy estimates & benchmarks indicators)
  • Business plan and strategic plans development support
  • Stress test and reverse stress test exercise support
  • ICAAP / ILAAP / Recovery Plan
  • Risk Appetite Statement, risk identification, threshold calibration and monitoring
  • Financial Statement Pillar 3 package support
  • Securities holding fair value assessment (bonds and equity investiments)
  • Credit risk opinion and company evaluation appraisal
  • Impairment test on goodwill and equity investments

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