Servicesfor BloombergProfessionals

Unique applications developed within our technological development partnership with Bloomberg.

Solutions completely integrated with the Bloomberg database, exclusively accessible via a Bloomberg terminal.


App dedicated to banks and financial institutions analysis with the objective of appraising equity value, capital adequacy and default probabilities.

Particularly through the use of Monte Carlo simulations it allows for Capital Adequacy Stress Testing Analysis and the estimation of regulatory capital ratio breach probability.


App dedicated to equity and credit risk evaluation of corporate stocks/bonds, based on a forecast analysis approach and on the solid principles of fundamental analysis.

The software allows the user to develop economic-financial projections by employing advanced calculation functions, like Monte Carlo simulations, through which it is possible to swiftly model complex previsional scenarios and estimate probabilistic results.


Innovative quantitative analysis app entirely based on securities price volatility, created to generate volatility-based trading rules, run their back-testing, provide daily BUY/SELL indications on stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities and indexes.

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