Climate Risk Cube

Valuecube has developed a methodological approach for quantitative estimation of the economic impacts of climate risks on companies and real estate, which results in a series of models available through a software platform composed of several specific solutions.

Valuecube's software solutions allow the client to internalize the methodologies and processes for elaborating and updating all the main metrics related to climate risks; with clear advantages in terms of reduced costs and elaboration time and increased regulatory compliance with respect to supervisor expectations.

All applications can be integrated with other IT procedures and calculation systems; for example:

  • Credit granting
  • Internal credit risk models
  • Risk adjusted pricing models
  • Accounting procedures
  • Reporting systems, etc.


Application for calculating economic impacts on real estate value related to Physical and Transition Risks.

Allows estimating, under different climate scenarios and over the desired time horizon, the potential economic impacts on real estate value related, distinctly, to different physical risk factors based on the property’s geographic location and the transition risk associated with its energy efficiency class.


Application aimed at developing all data processing related to GHG emissions of Non-Financial Corporate counterparties.

In addition to providing GHG Reported Scope 1, 2 and 3 data for counterparties that publish the information, it allows estimating GHG Proxy Scope 1, 2 and 3 for counterparties that do not release such data; as well as calculating Financed GHGs for Pillar 3 Reporting and a number of indicators and metrics on Transition Risk at the portfolio and individual counterparty level (Carbon Footprint; Carbon Intensity; etc.).


Application for calculating economic impacts related to climate risks for Non-Financial Corporate counterparties.

The application enables separate and integrated estimation of the effects of Physical and Transition Risks under different climate scenarios and time horizons; as well as calculation of corresponding Financial Risk Ratios to support a variety of analysis purposes (credit risk, ESG ranking & scoring, internal model integration, etc.).

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