Streeling is an articulate software framework composed of a variety of modules, available independently as well as integrated, aimed at supporting financial institutions through a wide range of analytics, simulation and reporting functions.

All modules are customizable based on our customer’s requests and can be integrated with internal/external databases.


Streeling’s value increases the more the integrated modules, as by employing a shared dataset of the various applications the whole systems is fostered in a faster and more punctual way and the information available for analysis and reporting is enriched.


Tools for the calculation of regulatory metrics and the generation of the corresponding regulatory reports, forecasting simulations and what-if analysis.

  • Own Funds
  • Leverage
  • MREL
  • SA-CCR – Standardised Approach for Counterparty Credit Risk
  • Capital Requirements


Advanced analysis, simulation systems and regulatory, accounting and management reports.

  • Pillar 3 Package: automation and optimization of the Pillar 3 report production.
  • Supervisory & Financial Statement Dashboard: directional dashboards and tableau de bord.
  • Analytics & Business Intelligence: Instruments to improve the analysis, control and reporting of regulatory-accounting-management databases.

Forecasting & Simulation Tools

Forecasting and simulation analysis tools for the development of scenario analysis and enterprise-wide risk assessment, capable of automating all phases of forecasting, calculation and analysis elaboration. Forecasting & Simulation tools allow for a perspective view that covers all relevant analytical dimensions: profitability, capitalization, liquidity, regulatory obligations.


The forecasting system incorporates an innovative double-layer procedure to manage inputs, that allow choosing, for every single variable, to use forecasting produced by internal or external models. All analytic systems can be used both at single legal entity level as well as massively on a large number of legal entities.

The analysis techniques provide both traditional deterministic models, with inputs and outputs expressed in single values, as well as innovative stochastic analysis models (Monte Carlo Simulation) capable of obtaining outcomes expressed in probabilistic terms.

Among the various modules we also provide quantitative systems for the optimization of target variables or for the determination of complex solutions related to processes such as: Capital Allocation, Credit Asset Allocation and Reverse Stress Testing.

Analysis may be produced both via a simplified application (BMA Quick.Sim.Tools), for high-level analysis with an aggregated and synthetic view of the variables, or via a more analytic application (Streeling.Simulator), characterized by more detailed variables and a wider set of results.

  • BMA Quick.Sim.ToolCharacterized by its incredible simplicity of use, this application is ideal for simple scenario and what-if analysis, with the objective of having a fast overview of all the main economic, capital and liquidity figures of the bank.
  • Streeling.Simulator
    Analytical application characterized by a wide set of input and output variables; optimal for simulation and forecasting analysis to support all strategic planning and enterprise-wide risk assessment processes (ICAAP, ILAAP, RAF, Recovery, etc.), providing a wide range of results and detailed customizable templates. Streeling.Simulator also provides the possibility to incorporate within the simulation engine satellite models provided by the customer and/or by Valuecubethrough the Streeling.WISE! module, to rapidly generate new scenarios and what-if analysis, to historicize all records, as well as to profile and track accesses for different types of users.
  • Streeling.WISE!
    Valuecube proprietary forecast systems and models to rapidly and autonomously generate scenario and stress testing analysis. The module allows the implementation of the customer’s forecast and satellite models within Streeling.
  • Streeling.Recovery.Plan
    Application aimed at supporting the development of the Recovery Plan in all stages of analysis and reporting, facilitating the user in the development of: Fast & Slow Default / Regulatory Breach scenarios, Reverse Stress Test, estimation of the impact of Recovery Options on all indicators, calculation of Overall Recovery Capacity, development of the Recovery Strategy, automation of the compilation of the ECB Template and any other type of internal reporting.
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