Wiredex Framework

Software framework for the production of economic-financial simulations for business planning, credit risk assessment and equity valuation for single companies, industry indexes and portfolios of companies.

The application provides advanced analytical metrics and methodologies based on fundamental and forecasting analysis, integrated with business intelligence systems that allow for simple and fast production of complete and accurate analysis in a technological environment characterized by high-security standards and absolute calculation reliability.

The Software

The system allows the user to significantly reduce the elaboration, analysis and reporting times and costs thanks to its great simplicity of use, the possibility to integrate with all databases for automatic data upload and advanced automatic reporting systems in all traditional formats. A profiling system allows the creation of differentiated access for each user type.

The Wiredex platform consists of two analysis systems: wiredex.Corporate and wiredex.Workspace, with different integrated or independent available modules that cover a vast array of analysis functions: credit analysis, risk management, corporate finance advisory & consulting, equity stock picking, etc. The wide perimeter of analysis that Wiredex cover makes the platform extremely useful for multiple operators and final users:


  • Banks and Financial Institutions (credit, risk management, accounting, investment banking)
  • Corporate Institutions (business planning, Strategy / M&A, credit, accounting)
  • Equity Research & Office Studios (equity / bond valuation)
  • Asset Management
  • Private Equity & Venture Capital
  • Corporate Finance Consulting & Advisory

Analysis may be produced both through the traditional deterministic approach (single assumptions ⇒ single results), and stochastic simulations (Monte Carlo Simulation) to determine the results in probabilistic terms, as to consider, within the evaluations, both yield and risk elements.

Wiredex Corporate

Forecast simulations on single companies.

  • Business Planning
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Break-Even Reverse Analysis Analysis
  • Forward-Looking Credit Risk Analysis
  • RAPD Stochastic simulation model for the estimation of PD & LGD
  • Credit analysis LOM compliant to be integrated within credit granting procedures
  • Equity Valuation (DCF, APV, EVA, IRR, Multiples…)
  • Competitive Advantage Period
  • Optimal Capital Structure, Dividend & Capital Retention Policy
  • Benchmarking Analysis


Application conceived to generate bottom-up all wiredex.Corporate analysis on a massive scale over customizable companies clusters and portfolios.

The application, together with the WISE! module, allows the management of an automatic forecasting system for all companies within the cluster.

The system enables to perform both evaluation and credit risk analysis on customized industry indexes with a top-down approach that, through the Stock Index Console function, permits to generate a sort of consolidated balance sheet, by grouping the historical balance sheets records of all the company’s within the industry/portfolio.


  • Credit Risk Analysis
  • Stock & Bond Market Analysis
  • Industry Sector Analysis
  • Stock Index Valuation
  • Securities screening and selection systems


Forecasting models for the automatic generation of forecast assumptions and the parametrization of deterministic and stochastic evaluation models.

The system is easily customizable and capable of also replicating the customer’s forecasting methodologies. The possibility of interaction with external data base (macroeconomic, industry sector, market data, consensus forecasts, etc.) enables the building of models of all kinds.

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